Omáčky & zálievky

Vyber si, čo si k jedlu dáš

Small bowl of yellow cheese sauce

Nacho syrová omáčka

Small bowl of mayonnaise sauce

Hranolková omáčka

Small bowl of tartar sauce

Tatarská omáčka

Small bowl of tomato sauce with parsley

Paradajková salsa

Small bowl of barbecue sauce

Barbecue omáčka

Small bowl of salad sauce with balsamico and oil

Balsamico&Oil zálievka

Pink bowl of guacamole


Small bowl of ketchup


Small bowl of cheesy salat sauce

Syrová zálievka

Zisti viac


Tacos with home-made chicken nuggets and cheddar sauce served on a steel holder.

Hlavné jedlá

Bowl of fried jalapeno croquettes with cheese and mayonnaise sauce

Snacky& Polievky

Bowl of french fries


Bowl of churros with a small bowl of strawberry ice cream


Bottle of guava flavoured soda


Box of home made chicken nuggets with dips

Párty boxy

Burger with fries and corn cob for children


Pink bowl of fresh guacamole

Omáčky& zálievky